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Weiss, Porat & Co., (Z. Weiss Law Offices) offers an extensive range of legal services to its clientele worldwide. Our areas of expertise include domestic and international business law, corporate law, technology transfer agreements, licensing, joint ventures, banking law, investment law, energy law, real estate and zoning laws, biotechnology law, employment law and labor law, intellectual property law, litigation, arbitration, including international arbitration and ICC arbitration and debts collection.
Weiss, Porat & Co. has established a diverse domestic and international client base and a substantial international practice.
The firm maintains offices in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Brussels, Paris, Zurich, New-York, Tokyo and Australia and the Pacific Rim and has a wide network of correspondents worldwide with special emphasis on Japan, Switzerland and Germany. Through its office the firm provides its clients with services in Europe and with the European Union. The firm is also active in Eastern Europe where it counseled in energy, communication, real - estate and tourism projects.
The firm specializes in cross-border transactions and many of its attorneys are members of both Israeli and international Bar Associations.
The firm accompanies foreign and international companies in their infrastructure projects in Israel. We provide on-going consulting for such companies with respect to the legal aspects of their operation and projects in Israel including tenders, contracts, taxation, permits and visas, labor law and more. We advised foreign companies carrying out large scale projects for Israeli Electric Corporation (IEC), Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL) and others.
The firm offers professional assistance in dealing with Asian companies and Asian markets. The firm provides experience, knowledge and introductions that can help build global operations for our clients. We took part in several Japan-Israel investments and Israel- India joint ventures.
Weiss, Porat & Co. has extensive experience in working with the Far East in countries such as India, Japan (see article we wrote for Israeli newspaper re Israel-Japan business), Korea (see letters of appreciation we received from the Government and from the Federation of Korean Industries, FKI), China, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.
Weiss, Porat & Co. has increasingly worked with leading high-tech firms as well as start-ups and venture capital funds. The firm provides a wide range of legal services to high-tech companies, such as assistance to entrepreneurs to find investors and/or strategic partners, including accomplishing business objectives such as contracts, IRP issues, joint ventures for R & D projects, tax issues, labor law, and cross border transactions. Weiss, Porat & Co. is willing to provide the most innovative and cost effective solutions taking into consideration the limited funds available for start-ups at their initial stage, and relying on their promising future.
In Switzerland, the firm provides services relating to trusts, foundations, endowments, holding companies, banking and real-estate.
Weiss, Porat & Co. has unique experience in international trade and trade protection matters, particularly the Israeli Trade Levies Law, dumping levy, safeguard levy, WTO agreement (World Trade Organization agreements); including proceedings involving the Trade Levies Commissioner, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Trade Levies Committee and the Courts.
The firm has extensive experience in the field of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) and assisted living. We represent the national association of tenants of CCRC and assisted living in Israel, tenants' committees and thousands of residents, including review of agreements and protection of tenants' rights.
The lawyers of Weiss, Porat & Co. are proficient in several languages and can conduct business and draft legal instruments and documents in the following languages:
Hebrew, English, French, German and Flemish. Lawyers of the firm are admitted in the U.S.A., England, France and Belgium.
The firm provides its clients the expertise and capabilities of experienced attorneys together with dedication and personal service at reasonable rates.
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